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Wire Rope & Accessories

Offering a long selection of wire rope with super length, high tension and special construction, all prices are per metre of wire rope. The diameter of rope ranges from 1mm to large diameters in a variety of ropes of all constructions. The tensile strength to Grade 2160 or EEIPS is used in every market segment from deep sea, marine and construction, we have it all.

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19x7 Wire Rope IWRC 1960N/mm2
Item No. WIRE ROPE 19X7+IWR In stock
35x7 Wire Rope IWRC 1960N/mm2
Item No. 35WX7+IWR-8 Check for availability
6x19 Wire Rope FC 1960N/mm2 (RHOL)
Item No. 6X19+FIBER CORE WIRE In stock
6x19 Wire Rope IWRC 1960N/mm2 (RHOL)
Item No. 6X19+STEEL CORE -5 Check for availability