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Tiger Chain Blocks and Lever Hoists

20 October 2016
W.H Scott introducing innovation in Hoisting Machine Safety

Introducing the new patented braking mechanism for Chain blocks and Lever Hoists.

Developed to ensure the safest operation during heavy lift applications.

The new QUAD pawl system does away with the standard specification dual pawl safety brake.

The new QUAD pawl braking system ensures contact is maintained through all degrees of operation, during fleeting and even zero gravity applications.

With no reliance on safety springs ensuring the pawl will safely prevent slipping or dropping of the load in the event of a spring failure.

Safety in hoisting machines started with a single pawl now the dual pawl is the norm. QUAD pawl will be the main stay of all operations in the years to come. Patented and Exclusive to Tiger Lifting, ensure your lifting operations are the safest they can be with the new brake system.

Contact your local office today to keep your loads and operators safe!