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M8 Female Double Swivel Ring SWL 300kg

New product

The Double Swivel Ring enabling alignment of slings prior to load and swivel under load.

High WLL in every line of pull 45 degree to the verticle loading.

Double swivel 360 degree around the verticle and 180 degree to the horizontal

More details

  • The characteristics of the female double swivel ring: 

    • Tightening by Allen key
    • Permits the hook to move parallel to the supporting face of the ring being drawn at 90
    • Available in M8 to M22 metric & 5/16" to 7/8" UNC
    • WLL from 300kg to 3t
    • WLL through all lines of pull
    • Swivel under load
    • Individually Identification from the factory
    • Factor of Safety 5:1
    • Plane Hole or other threads on demand

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