The number one force is the never-ending need for users to lower their costs.  Our approach to maintenance focuses on prevention and prediction rather than on repairing when a failure has occurred. This approach gives our clients and us a great cost advantage. Our customers will experience reduced downtime and other surprises will be kept to a minimum. Both overall maintenance costs and costs due to lost production will be reduced.


When we perform work, it is normally a planned activity; the engineer carries with him the right tools, the right spare parts, the correct technical documents. The engineer himself is chosen based on his skills for the job and not based on whoever happens to be available. This all amounts to efficiency, and further to cost advantage. 


Standards of Service


  •          Regular maintenance visits by specialist, qualified engineers
  •          24-hour hotline, 365 days of the year
  •          Regional technical advisory service
  •          Preferential repair date
  •          4 hour guaranteed response time
  •          Priority breakdown service
  •          Personalised contact


Crane Maintenance Programme


Our Aim:

  •          To improve efficiencies, by ensuring a maximum up-time for continuous production
  •          To reduce unplanned work by identifying components which create safety and/or production consequence
  •          To implement a schedule of planned maintenance, tailored to meet the demands of production
  •          To advise on investments in repair or replacements
  •          To ensure you maximise your return on the investment made