Finding the right crane for your customers just got easier thanks to W H Scott & Sons Engineering Ltd range of cranes kits.

By grouping together all the essential items required to build an overhead crane with the exception of the beam and gantry steelwork, we can help you keep things as simple as possible when it comes to placing an order and communicating with your customers.

What’s in an overhead crane kit?

Our overhead crane kits consist of a high-quality hoist unit of your choosing as well as the required end carriages, drives, control panels, cabling, fixings and accessories.

This means you get everything you need to assemble a bridge or overhead crane of any capacity for practically any application except for the supporting steelwork and girder beam.

What are the benefits of a crane kit?

Crane kits are commonly used by our trade customers who are able to manufacture a crane girder beam themselves, as they receive everything else they need in one package. By having the crane kit sent straight to the assembly site, our clients simplify the order process, saving themselves time and money.

The flat pack nature of our crane kits means shipping is cost-effective, particularly when being delivered across long distances or overseas due to the absence of the bulky girder beam.

However, if your organisation is the end user of the crane and has the capability to install the system in-house, you may also find a crane kit a good option. This is particularly true if you’re based outside the UK as many foreign suppliers can provide a bridge beam of suitable quality at an affordable cost, but this is not the case for the other elements of the crane kit, which require the expertise of a top-quality manufacturer such as W H Scott & Sons Engineering Ltd.