Cranes are built to be durable and long lasting in order to deal with the wear and tear of their daily applications, but when the operational needs of a company can change rapidly sometimes cranes also need updating.

In these circumstances crane refurbishment or crane modernisation work can be undertaken to give your existing lifting systems a new lease of life. This is often a more cost-effective way for businesses to meet their goals compared to ordering a brand-new crane.


We offer crane refurbishment and modernisation support for all common types of cranes including jibs, overheads, gantries and monorails etc. Our expertise is not limited to cranes that were originally produced by W H Scott & Sons Engineering Ltd, we can also refurbish systems made by other manufacturers.

Some of the most common crane refurbishment projects we get asked to help with include:

  • Uprating a crane by increasing its lifting capacity.
  • Relocating a crane within an existing premises to repurpose it for developing business requirements.
  • Reinforcing gantry steelwork to support additional or increased capacity cranes
  • Repositioning or removing cranes when a company moves into a new factory, warehouse or workshop.
  • Elongating gantry steelwork to extend a crane’s travelling capabilities.
  • Replacing or updating hoisting equipment.
  • Upgrading or modernising control equipment.
  • Adding slew stops to jib cranes.
  • Adding end stops to overhead cranes.
  • Crane automation – introducing power to a crane that was previously manually operated.

Lifting solutions for ageing cranes

  •          Increased capacity using modern day components by up to 25% of the existing S.W.L.
  •          Improved reliability & safety by introducing state of the art technology & components
  •          Lower maintenance costs 
  •          Total customer satisfaction, ensuring year on year reliability

No matter what manufacture or age of the crane, W H Scott & Son Engineering Ltd can engineer a solution to meet your production and budget requirements. With the new technology available to us, modernisation and performance enhancement will extend the useful life of the Crane at affordable costs and time scales to suit your demands. 


Remote controls for labour cost saving and improved shop floor safety.


Where the operator of a machine can be moved to a safer, more efficient location, Portable Remote Controls have helped prevent serious injury while increasing efficiency and productivity for many Industries. W H Scott & Sons Engineering Ltd is leading the way with technological innovation, experience and quality backed by an unparalleled worldwide service organisation. Most remote-control applications are built around one of our core products. For specialised applications, we have engineered our core systems with specific features to meet these requirements.


Engineers are equipped with mobile tablets to ensure a quick turnaround of reports and certification via the Live Reporting Package. W H Scott & Sons Engineering Ltd are also able to consult with the client following the thorough examination to ensure that all repairs are followed up on, missing and damaged equipment can be replaced, and to ensure a completely managed service is maintained at all times meaning that the customer spends less time managing their own assets.

W H Scott & Sons Engineering Ltd have a Live Reporting Package; this is an easy to use on-line database for customers lifting equipment. It contains/can hold all information relating to the equipment including: details of work carried out; including images on defects maintenance sheets/forms site time records ability to attach manufactures certificates/drawings etc.

Our Database is ideal for anyone who is responsible for Lifting Equipment and Accessories: Health and Safety (LOLER) - a full instant access record to all your site Lifting Equipment maintenance reports and certificates by using a quick search.

This Software provides a quick overview of all Lifting Equipment’s condition, you can quickly and easily find all your certificates in one place. W H Scott & Sons Engineering Ltd maintain all records for your equipment on-line, on secure servers which can also be uploaded to your computer. Each Asset will also have the capability to add you manufactures load test certificate.