Vacuum Lifters

The vacuum lifter is a lifting device, which, thanks to the vacuum created by a vacuum generator, permits fast and easy attachment, lifting and handling of  sheets or other material.

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    Vacuum Lifters for Sheet Steel


    In relation to the dimensions of the material to be moved, the vacuum lifters for sheets are comprised of four, six, eight or more vacuum pads, adjustable both longitudinally and transversely.The vacuum suction pads have special seals to guarantee grip efficiency and long-life. The dimensions of the pads vary on the basis of the weight of the material to lift.

    For handling sheets metal, the vacuum lifter structure is usually fixed. For special needs, it is possible to use a tilting structure.

  • Vacuum Lifters for Stone

    Vacuum Lifters for Stone

    We offer a wide range of Vacuum lifters for the stone industry - vacuum lifting device for slabs of marble, granit and other material.

    The vacuum is created by a vacuum generator supplied with compressed air (from a Venturi-pipe system) or with electric vacuum pump.

  • Vacuum lifters for Glass

    Vacuum Lifters for Glass

    Vacuum lifters for glass may be fixed, tilting 0°-90° or rotating 360°. In relation to the weigth of thematerial to be lifted, the vacuum lifters are comprised of two, four, six or more vacuum pads.  Many models are available with extension or adjustable arms that offer a variety of pad configurations to accommodate different load dimensions.

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    Vacuum Lifters Cladding

    Cladding vacuum lifter is a below-the-hook lifting accessory suitable for lifting and handling of sandwich panels for roofing, cladding and coldstore construction.

    Cladding vacuum lifters improve productivity, speed up installation time and reduce possibility of damages of sandwich panels during theirs handling.