Manual Chain Blocks

Manual Chain Hoists offer users the speed and friendliness for lifting applications, one of the most common pieces of lifting equipment in any store or building. Allowing uses the speed of installation and accessability for most lifting equipment procedures. Individually inspected prior to despatch.

Manual Chain Blocks There are no products in this category.


  • Tiger TCB Chain Block

    The TCB is manufactured from the highest quality steel materials, offering a lightweight, compact and rugged construction, producing an exceptionally strong product resistant to impact damage. The exceptional short head room allows for easy installation where every centimetre must be achieved. BS EN 13157: 2004+A1:2009, ANSI/ASME B30.16, AS1418.2 and SANS 1594.

  • SS12 Corrosion...

    The SS12 is manufactured from the highest quality steel materials, With the added advantages of having been fully protected against corrosion using Tigers OCP “Organic Corrosion Protection” formula that gives over 1000 hours continuous protection under ASTM B117 Salt spray conditions.

  • Spark Resistant Chain...

    Tiger Spark Resistant products are manufactured in accordance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Our products are lightweight and durable with a proven track record. Atex marking: Ex II 2 GD c IIC T4 IIIC T135°C. Suitable for gas and dust hazardous areas: Zone 1 & 2 (gas) and Zone 21 & 22 (dust).

  • ROV Subsea Chain Block

    The Tiger ROV compatible chain block is available in various different interface options all in accordance with BS ISO 13628-8:2002 ROV Interfaces on Subsea production systems. Tested and finished in accordance with Annex’s B & K of BS ISO 13628-1:2005:

  • Adapter Hoists

    Adapter hoists cater for various top fittings on lever hoists and chain block range. Allowing customisable fittings to suit a specific installation. Contact your local sales office for further information on the suitability of your lifting equipment installation.

  • Combination Units

    Tiger Hand Operated Chain hoist available with integral push or geared travel trolley maximising available headroom. Available in single bar and twin bar configurations in both standard finish and Spark/Corrosion proof.